So Soundwave mask is basically one huge blindspot, so I can’t tell what I’m doing half the time and I can’t always tell if someone is touching me. So let me say I didn’t know you were being THIS CUTE? Starscream holding Soundwave’s chin like that!!! HOLY ADORABLE! OhmyGOSH, shiawasehito made Starscream all coy and sweet I just gfgjdfgfk Going through my camera’s photos at the end of the day it was a total surprise. I squealed seeing these. This is wicked cute. thank you for being you! You are indeed a shiawase hito *^* You have given me shiawase.

I uh…I kinda want to draw this pose now for Soundwave x Starscream. I don’t know if that’s okay? @///@

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    OMPrimus *dies and rolls away* I am not worthy….. Uwaa thank you for being so unbelievably cool and I still can’t get...
  3. honorableshadow said: brb Whirl’s vomiting. 8U lmfao jk. anyway, I’m pretty certain she’d be totally okay with that. :3
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